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Phasius offers a comprehensive portfolio of tailormade solutions and personalized services designed to meet all your quality requirements, whatever the type of product: medicines, medical devices, food supplements, biocidal products, cosmetic products, raw materials, etc.

As the new Center of Excellence set up within APB, Phasius can draw on more than 50 years of experience in the field of analytical method development and validation. APB's analytical laboratories have proven to be a trusted partner to numerous players in healthcare, and are well known for the quality of their test results, which is guaranteed by their scientific excellence, and compliance with the highest quality standards.

Why would you choose Phasius?

Whether you call on us for pharmaceuticals, other health products or raw materials, our analytical laboratories have several key advantages that clearly differentiate us from other QC laboratories.

We have a long-standing partnership and trusted relationship with the competent Belgian health authorities, as well as very strong links with Belgian community pharmacists through the mission APB and its analytical laboratories have pursued for more than 50 years in order to help them ensure product compliance and quality.

Pharmaceutical Products

Our comprehensive range of analytical methods, combined with our expertise and our unique knowledge of the pharmaceutical sector in Belgium, will help you accelerate market access for your products.

Parapharmaceutical Products

Highly regarded, readily available and easily accessible, the community pharmacist is a key player in the distribution of your products.

Thanks to our strong roots in community pharmacy, we are your ideal partner to help you strengthen your brand identity among pharmacists and consumers alike. We offer:

  •  targeted expertise in analytical support as well as in the development and validation of analytical methods to develop new formulations;
  • unique support for innovation through:
    • providing QC testing services (raw materials and batch release);
    • personalized advice on market needs to help you identify new growth opportunities.

Raw materials


At Phasius, we are eager to support and foster the quality of the raw materials used in compounding preparations, pharmaceuticals or other health products. Therefore we offer you integrated solutions at three levels:

  • Phasius is your trusted partner for the outsourcing of your QC testing. We guarantee you accurate and reliable results thanks to our scientific excellence, and compliance with the highest quality standards.
  • Phasius provides advice and analytical testing services, and can help you develop and validate new methods. Our comprehensive range of analytical methods will help you shorten considerably your development times.
  • Whether through advice or direct support, Phasius helps you meet your writing needs (forms, protocols and monographs). ​


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